A School in Gus-Khrustalny Won an All-Russian Competition to Repair a Toilet

The school will also receive a year's supply of detergents

School No. 1 in Gus-Khrustalny won a contest from Domestos. Thanks to extensive informational support, the company decided to repair not three, but six toilets.

The latrine in the secondary school has neither European-type toilets nor doors in the stalls. At the time of the contest the school administration reported that the children preferred to endure at home or to go home rather than use the toilet in their alma mater.

According to the voting results, the school got the most likes (1,232 likes) and its story resonated strongly in the media and social networks. In an interview with the Dozhd TV channel, Irina Kondratieva, deputy principal of school #1, said that she had no complaints to the local authorities and that she understood that Gus-Khrustalny was “in debt as deep as silk. This is why the school decided to look for extra-budgetary sources of funding. The deputy principal also noted that the school in Gus-Khrustalny does not have the worst toilet facilities in the country, but has the friendliest staff, able to mobilize people to vote and “get some likes.

Irina Kondratieva: It’s not that we have the worst toilet. Even among those applications that were, there are toilets and scarier. It is a competition of likes. We just had the most friendly and united parents and graduates, our friends supported. We got the most likes, that’s all.
More than that, I want to say that if we, and we were the ones who made such a big fuss about it on Twitter and the rest of the social networks, we would still have won, but they would have announced three winners. Now it’s going to be six.

TV-Rain host: How did you deal with this problem before Domestos announced this contest? Did you complain to local authorities? Did the school director go to meetings at the Department of Education to voice this problem?

Irina Kondratieva: We have a department of education, the director goes there and it is better to ask him, agree. Our school is not the only one in the city, we have a very good district head, a good mayor who tries very hard. But, unfortunately, it’s not just a problem of our school. It’s a problem of a lot of schools. We attract extrabudgetary funds. Believe me, we also have a lot of budget funds to spend. What we are given, we all use for the benefit of the school. I do not really understand why it suddenly turned out that it is bad to attract “extrabudgetary” funds?

TV-Rain host: This is not bad, it says that the budget is not enough.

Irina Kondratieva: Of course there is not enough budget, don’t you know that?

TV-Rain host: You talk about this as if it’s no big deal? But it’s really scary. I mean, it can really hit students psychologically, if you can’t go to the bathroom at school.

Irina Kondratieva: It wasn’t funny to us. I understand that you are trying to make me negative. If we were funny, we would not have participated in this contest. We have a very friendly staff and parents, and if they thought it was all a joke, it would not have been. Yes, there is such a problem. And we’re not saying that everything at our school everything is fine, that the toilets smell like roses. If that were the case, we’d be looking for money for something else. We think that’s our pain point and we’re trying to deal with the problem. We can’t solve the problems of all the schools in the city and all the schools in the Soviet … sorry, Russian Federation. But we try to do what we can in our place.

TV-Rain host: Is it possible to fix the problem on a systemic level?

Irina Kondratieva: We have no money, we have a lot of problems, we have a subsidized city, we are in debt as in silk. If the head could, he would allocate money for everything.

Voting in the competition from the manufacturer of household chemicals ended on May 29. Besides Gusev’s school, the winners were Lyceum № 44 of Cheboksary, school № 19 of Mezhdurechensk Kemerovo region, school in Elizavetinskaya village (Rostov region), school № 6 of Neftekamsk (Bashkortostan) and school № 103 of Volgograd.

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