Vladimir Artist Mishkin Responded to Public Utilities Workers Who Painted Over Graffiti

He painted the transformer booths again

Vladimir artist Mishkin again painted transformer boxes at the intersection of Mira and Polina Osipenko Streets. In August 2020, he turned one of the boxes into Tetris, but in April 2021, the graffiti was painted over by municipal workers. The artist was explained that the reason was the advertising of prohibited substances, placed by unknown persons on top of the drawing.

Today Mishkin expressed his opinion on destruction of graffiti in social networks. He said that the problem is not new, and in cities, the grayness of the walls prevails over other colors, absorbing the drawings of street artists:

“Everything is done completely indiscriminately and without thinking. Our city, like many other small cities, has little development in such a direction as street art. Any new drawing in the city gets into the media and various sub-publics at once and causes different, but mostly positive emotions among residents. People have long been ready to meet new colors and accept the ideas of artists who draw on the walls, but only another part of the city, such as the government, either denies or accepts only the game completely according to its rules. But creativity is not going away from the streets. It’s already part of our lives, and it’s time to accept that.”

Mishkin’s fresh work is called Street Art vs Buff. The term Buff in this case means the destruction of graffiti by representatives of the municipal services. And the drawing itself is made in the style of the game “Wild Bandit” for the Dendy console.

“The old job is not coming back, now in its place is this ‘dialogue with the city’. And what will you choose – STREET ART!!! or BUFF!!!?”, – explained Mishkin.

The artist also said that this work should not be painted over by utility workers, because the drawing was made as part of the street art festival “Zagoguliguli33”. You can follow Mishkin’s work on Instagram.

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