Teachers Resigned en Masse in the Alexandrov District

Teachers chose to work in Moscow and the Moscow region

Sixty teachers resigned from schools in the Alexandrov district in Vladimir region over the summer, but no new ones came to take their place. According to Irina Sergeeva, head of the local education department, most of them chose to work in Moscow and the Moscow region. The most notable outflow of employees was recorded in school No. 3 in Alexandrov.

“Teachers of foreign and Russian language and many other subjects left. It has been a long time since we had anything like that, the new school year is going to be a busy one. Teachers are now under a heavy workload. No new teachers have come to our district this year,” the Novy Gorod Aleksandrov quoted Sergeeva as saying.

The Department of Education will take action to attract new teachers, but it will not be easy because of the difference in salaries between the Alexandrovsky district and the capital region.

According to Vladimir statistics agency, in the 33rd region, teachers in general education schools have an average salary of 44,490 rubles. At a recent press conference, acting director of education Elena Zaprudnova said that a newly hired teacher without a qualification category, given the allowance for a young professional and working for one hour per week (at least 18 hours per week or four lessons per day), can get 23 – 25 thousand rubles a month.

At the same time, the average salary of teachers in Moscow, according to the official data of Rosstat, – 101 thousand rubles. The Department of Education of the Vladimir region when asked about the staff shortage said that there are currently 650-680 vacancies in the regional organizations, 200-250 of which will be gradually taken by young professionals.

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