352 People Are Diagnosed With HIV for the Year In the Vladimir Region

In recent years, the number of patients diagnosed with HIV for the first time has decreased in the Vladimir region. Vladimirstat shares statistics on World AIDS Day. This date has been celebrated since 1988 – it is the first international day on the topic of global health.

In 2020, 352 people were diagnosed with HIV in the Vladimir region. For comparison, in 2015 there were 505 such people. In total, there were 4,160 people registered in medical and preventive institutions with a diagnosis of HIV infection in the region. It should be noted that this is the data as of the end of 2020.

As for the total number of patients with this diagnosis receiving care in the region, their number has almost doubled since 2015.

According to the Department of Health, the Vladimir region is not among the regions highly affected by HIV. As of November 1, 2021 during the whole period of monitoring 7,214 HIV-infected people were registered, 1,680 people died, 638 of them due to HIV.

During 10 months of the current year more than 296 thousand Russian citizens were tested for HIV in Vladimir Region which is almost by 25% more than within the same period last year. Among 389 people infected with HIV for the first time (223 – men and 166 – women).
For the whole period of monitoring 1283 children were born by HIV-positive mothers, including 61 babies born this year. At present 304 children are under the care of the AIDS center, and 66 of them have a confirmed HIV diagnosis.

World AIDS Day is always dedicated to a certain theme. This year it is: “Eliminate inequality. End AIDS. End the pandemic. On the eve of December 1, Rospotrebnadzor answered 25 questions about HIV/AIDS. Among them: what HIV is, how it differs from AIDS, how one can get infected and whether the disease is curable.

The Russian citizens can get examination and treatment in the AIDS prevention and control centers or their branches, which can be found in every region of the country. There is such a center in Vladimir as well. It is located in the outpatient clinic of the Regional Clinical Hospital. Two infectious disease specialists, a therapist, a pediatrician, and a psychologist receive patients at the center.

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