The Vladimir Region Is Going to Find About 200 Doctors in 2022

And bring in an additional 300 nurses

In 2022 it is planned to employ 200 more doctors and 300 more nurses in the Vladimir region. The forecast for the number of medical personnel was made when planning the budget for the next three years. The reason for this is a set of support measures that will attract new employees to the region.

By 2024, the number of doctors, nurses, paramedics and midwives employed at state-run healthcare institutions should total 4,770; 12,486 nurses, nurse practitioners and midwives. That’s 14 percent and 8 percent more than today’s numbers. There will still be a deficit, but the staffing level will increase to 90%.

Within three years, 87 people will be able to claim lump sum payments. Narrow specialists who arrived in the cities with the population over 50 thousand people will get two million rubles. The doctors in cities with the population less than 50 thousand people and in rural areas will get one million rubles and paramedics – 500 thousand. If a village or a village is considered hard to reach, the payments will be raised to 1.5 million and 750 thousand, respectively.

“It is planned to hire 10 doctors and 26 paramedics for the ambulance service,” the Vladimir regional administration reports.

Within three years, 82 young doctors will receive 100 thousand rubles each, and 40 primary care doctors will receive 300 thousand in a lump sum. Ten paramedics and midwives will be able to claim 500 thousand rubles when employed at FAPs.

New measures of social support will be introduced since 2022 – delivery from the place of residence to work and back.

In addition, 70 medics will be able to take advantage of preferential mortgage loans. Approximately 2,584 people will receive compensation for housing and utilities for specialists while working in the countryside. Another 536 employees will receive compensation for renting apartments.

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