Court Rejects Navalny’s Lawsuit to Have Him Deregistered as a Runaway

There are only three cases in which a prisoner's status can be changed

On June 2, the Petushinsky district court dismissed Alexei Navalny’s lawsuit against the Pokrov colony № 2 to have him taken off the register as prone to escape. A TV-Rain correspondent reported about this from the courtroom.

Navalny, who is serving his sentence in a penal colony in the Vladimir region, said that because of his “prone to escape” status, he is checked every hour by Federal Penitentiary Service officers. Because of this, Navalny wakes up, which interferes with uninterrupted healthy sleep. However, he does not give any reasons for him to be under such surveillance.

Representatives of the colony, in turn, noted that other prisoners with similar status have no complaints. Navalny can be deregistered only in case of release, death or decision of a special commission.

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