The Idea is Discredited. Urbanist’s Blog “Vladimir of the Future” Criticized the First Elevated Сrosswalk

Urbanists from the project “Vladimir Future” analyzed an elevated crosswalk with increased safety, which appeared due to the national project “Safe and Quality Roads”, appeared on Sudogodskoe highway in the Kommunar neighborhood. Earlier the mayor’s office said that this is a pilot project, it differs from the usual in that the pedestrian crossing is 7 cm above the level of the roadway and looks like a long “speed hump”.

“The main advantage of high-safety crosswalks is the dramatically increased safety of pedestrians, because vehicles, driving up the mini ramps on such a crossing, are forced to reduce speed,” the mayor’s office said in a statement.

Urbanists paid attention to the fact that such crossings are appropriate for small roads where there are more pedestrians than cars. On Sudogodskoe highway, the problem of traffic safety would be more logically solved with a traffic light synchronized with other city traffic lights.

“Elevated crossing forces drivers to slow down. That’s why artificial bumps are mounted at single-lane entrances to residential areas or near pedestrian streets, where there are a lot of people and not so many cars,” the activists of “Vladimir Future” told in the Telegram channel.

In addition, as stated by the activists, road workers violated the state standard by making the crossing too steep. This required motorists to significantly reduce speed or risk the integrity of their vehicles.

“The dimensions of artificial bumps are regulated by GOST R 52605 – 2006. So, on roads with regular bus service such as Sudogodskoe highway with maximum allowable speed of 40 km/h the width of the top platform varies from 3 to 5 meters, and the inclined sections – from 4 to 4.5 meters.

Such parameters are not accidental, they create the most gentle conditions for drivers and their cars. You can see on the photo that the slope is not gentle enough – hence the sloppy markings and a lot of unkind words from those who drove over the obstacle”, – say the public activists.

If the experiment with increased safety crossing is considered successful, a similar road facility will also appear near the Center of Fine Arts on Bolshaya Moskovskaya Street at the intersection with Georgievskaya Street. This really is an emergency crossing, in the last five years nine people have been killed on it, in the last seven years it has collected 16 victims.

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