Coronavirus Revaccination Has Begun in the Vladimir Region

It is possible to be revaccinated six months after the first vaccination

Last week Vladimir region announced the start of revaccination against coronavirus. According to the Department of Health, the region received the first batch of one-component vaccine “Sputnik Lite” in the amount of 6,524 doses. It will be used for repeated vaccinations.

In response to an official request of ProVladimir, the Regional Health Department explained that the vaccine “Sputnik Lite” can be applied six months after the completion of a full course of vaccination. Those who have already had coronavirus can be vaccinated with the same vaccine six months after recovery.

The department also told how those who want to sign up for revaccination:

“In fact, there is no opportunity to sign up for revaccination through a state portal of public services. Currently such an opportunity is being worked out at the federal level. You can make an appointment for revaccination by calling the call center of the polyclinic. You can also make an appointment for a booster shot in person at the outpatient clinic registration office in your place of residence.

If you are unreasonably denied an appointment for revaccination, the regional health authorities recommend to contact the head of the clinic or the chief physician of the medical organization, on the basis of which the vaccination center was opened.

In the Vladimir region now vaccinated up to 4000 people a day, although the capacity of vaccination points is 8500 people. A shortage of vaccine prevents the vaccination campaign from increasing its volume:

“The situation with the supply of coronavirus vaccine to the Vladimir region is gradually stabilizing, which allows a gradual increase in the rate of vaccination. If additional amounts of vaccine arrive, the vaccination rate will be increased.

Region-33 receives mostly Sputnik V vaccines. As for EpiVacCorona, CoviVac, and Sputnik Lite vaccines, there have been deliveries as well, but in small quantities.

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