“Santa Claus” From the Shaman Gabyshev’s Squad is Arrested for 20 Days in Vladimir

A man was placed in a detention center for holding an unsanctioned rally

On 1 September in Vladimir, Victor Yegorov, writer and journalist from Tyumen, also known as “Ded Moroz from Shaman Gabyshev’s detachment”, was detained on administrative charges of repeated violation of rally rules (Article 20.2 part 8 of the Administrative Code).

The next day, on 2 September, his case was considered in Oktyabrsky District Court of Vladimir city. According to the record, the case was submitted to Judge Akimova at 15:32, a minute later the trial was scheduled and seven minutes later Ded Moroz was already found guilty. The court explained to ProVladimir that the man was sentenced to 20 days in jail. He organized a two-man march, calling on “a previously unknown citizen to accompany him from Vladimir to Moscow. Lawyers of the human rights project “Protest Apology” will defend the rights of the arrested. The defenders intend to appeal the verdict.

Earlier, on August 17, Viktor Yegorov was arrested for 10 days in Tyumen, Russia, after he announced a “walking campaign” from Nizhny Novgorod to Moscow, “for Sasha, for free Russia. After his release, “Santa Claus” began his trek. He was detained in Nizhny Novgorod on August 30 and in Kovrov on August 31, where he was “taken in the opposite direction. Victor Yegorov said that the police explained their interest in his person by the fact that allegedly there were orientations to “men with beards walking along the highways. In Kovrov, the operatives, as the detainee put it, “searched every pant leg.

After being detained in Vladimir, Viktor Yegorov recorded a short video from the police station, in which he stated only that he was detained “on Knowledge Day. Earlier, the man posted a video on his YouTube channel, where he said that he arrived in Bogolyubovo and met a local resident who was looking for a hangover. Victor Yegorov found out where he bought a bike, went to the store and bought the same one for himself.

Recall that a year ago, near Irkutsk, Alexander (a self-proclaimed shaman) Gabyshev was arrested for trying to go to Moscow to “expel Putin”. The man was accused of using force against National guardian officer, then was declared insane and suffering from “personality overestimation,” and sent to a mental hospital for forced treatment.

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