Vladimir Told Why He Implanted an Nfc-Chip in His Hand

He also shared options for future applications of the device

Mikhail Bobrov, a master piercer, told us about the unusual operation four weeks ago. We talked to a man from Vladimir, who decided to have an implant inserted, and found out what he needed it for.

Nikolay Mikhailov is 21 years old, he works as a software developer in the field of financial technology. He explains his decision to have an NFS-chip as follows:

“The cyberpunk theme has attracted me since childhood, and a few years ago, when I learned about such possibilities for modifying my body, I was immediately turned on by the idea. As soon as I got the opportunity to order this implant (it cost about $160), I did it right away.

Another problem was finding a specialist who could do the implantation of the chip. All clinics in the city refused me, for obvious reasons. I spent several months looking for a specialist and was about to go to another city for surgery, until I met Michael. He was the only one who agreed to do the surgery and did everything just fine.

As for the use of the chip, according to Nikolai, there are many options. However, so far he has no time to implement the ideas:

“I am going to install an NFC reader in my car to unlock the doors with the chip in my hand.

At the moment when you read the chip with your phone it opens a dialog with me in a messenger. It’s a rather unusual way to share your contacts with a person you know”.

According to Nikolai, friends and acquaintances react differently when they find out he has a chip in his hand:

“Some think I’m crazy, some find it useful, and some just like the way it glows under their skin.”

Previously, the media wrote about a Novosibirsk doctor who implanted six chips into his hands. For example, he uses them to open the door intercom and electronic locks at the hospital where he works, as well as to pay for transportation.

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