A Group of Unidentified men Seized Control of a Glass Factory in Anopino, Vladimir Region

Police officers are working at the site

Representatives of the glass plant, which is located in the village of Anopino in the Gus-Khrustal district, reported that in the early morning of May 5, the enterprise was taken under control by a group of 40 unknown men. State Duma deputy Igor Igoshin wrote on his page in “VKontakte” that almost all workers were ordered to leave the workshops, and the minimum number of employees was left at the plant to maintain the functioning of the furnaces.

The deputy added that he was checking this information and was preparing an appeal to law enforcement agencies.

“My constituency, Gus-Khrustalny district. Anopino. Glass factory. According to information from the management of the plant: early this morning, the plant was taken under control by unknown persons. Workers were ordered to leave the production and leave the workshops.

Unknown persons, about 40 people, left the minimum number of people in production, so as not to extinguish the furnaces.

I’m checking the information now. I am preparing an official request to law enforcement agencies to check and establish the legality.

My position is as follows: if there is an economic dispute between the subjects, it must be resolved in a civilized manner – in the courts, and not attacked under the cover of night, using “bandit” methods. In the photo that was sent, there are unknown people who are now in the company. If any of you have information about what is happening now, please write”, – wrote the deputy.

This plant employs more than 300 people, which is a quarter of the entire working-age population in the village. In 2018, Expo Glass came to the company, which at the time was in dire financial straits, paying off debts to workers, power companies, and the bank.

Denis Seregin, head of security at Expo Glass, told ProVladimir what happened at the plant on May 5:

“Around four o’clock in the morning at the Anopino production site, which is leased by Expo Glass, unknown persons in the number of about 40 people broke into the territory by breaking the locks with a crowbar. Paralyzed the activities of the guards who were at the posts. They did not allow them to call or leave the premises. These people themselves were running the checkpoints and wouldn’t let us – the legal tenant and mortgagee of this production complex – onto the site.

The production process is currently stopped. Unknown people are walking around the territory, they have taken possession of the property, which is partly leased and partly owned by us. The furnaces are not stopped yet, they are “on stream”. What will happen next, given that our people are not there, and there are unknown people, we do not know. I have no information about stoves being stopped.

The police are working at the site. Law enforcement officers are taking statements from the parties. The officers are investigating what’s going on [the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs told our editorial office that “there is no information”]”.

Seregin stressed that the legal status of their organization has not changed – it remains a secured creditor. All debts to the banks have been repaid.

“We transferred the money to the deposit, we have a corresponding notarial certificate, a notice was sent to the bank and its successor. Now representatives of this organization, which says that we allegedly owe them, are also present at the site in the person of the manager and lawyers”, – said the representative of “Expo Glass”.

We should add that this is not the first attempt to “seize” the enterprise, which until 2018 belonged to Rasko LLC. On December 3, 2020, unknown persons attempted to enter the territory of the enterprise. However, the police reported that no violation of law and order was recorded in Anopino.

The troublemaker at the enterprise was Vitaly Mironov, who for a long time headed the glass factory. His press service sent out releases stating that in November 2020, he was re-elected as general director of Rasko, but was not allowed on the territory of the plant. It also specified that “Rasko”, which owns the plant, terminated the lease agreement with “Expo Glass” LLC.

The lawyer of Rasko LLC has a different point of view on the situation that is now unfolding at the plant. According to him, the court-appointed owner, represented by General Director Andrey Evstigneev, entered the territory of the glass plant on May 5.

“The second party [“Expo Glass”] is somewhat misleading. The subject of the lease was only one-third of the property. Roughly speaking, in terms of equipment, it was about 110 items out of 400. For other property, it was about 25 items out of 50. Secondly, the lease agreement has been unilaterally terminated for a month already at the request of OOO Rasko. Accordingly, if the other party does not agree with the actions of the owner, it can apply to the arbitration court.

The lease agreement was concluded between OOO Rasko and OOO Expo Glass. That contract, which was dated, if memory serves, April 1, 2019, was terminated at the end of March [2021]. A notice of termination of the contract was sent. It was received. “Expo Glass ignored it.

We have a 100-sheet file of complaints to the police. Appeals come from the very bottom, from the police station in the village of Anopino, to the head of the Department of Internal Affairs of the Vladimir region. And there are also appeals to the General Prosecutor’s Office and the Investigative Committee, given the “activity” of some representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. In terms of bringing the former tenant to the point of respecting the rights of the owner, the police do not act.

And once again I emphasize. The subject of the lease was only a part of the enterprise. The owner was not allowed into the whole enterprise. For the owner this situation is unacceptable, when a tenant behaves like that. That’s why it caused the cancellation of the contract”, – explained the representative of “Rasko”.

The press service of Vice-Governor Alexander Remiga said that they were aware of what had happened, and stated that this was a dispute between economic entities, in which the Vladimir region administration was not a party.

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