There Is No Criminal Case Against Vice-Governor Botsan-Kharchenko, but There Are Claims

ProVladimir has a document confirming this

No criminal case was initiated against the Acting First Deputy Governor Arkady Botsan-Kharchenko. Earlier such rumors were spread by anonymous Telegram channels, but they were not confirmed. The editors of ProVladimir have at their disposal a copy of a document on the result of an internal inspection in the Vladimir region administration. And Botsan-Kharchenko does have serious claims, which could potentially form the basis of a future criminal case.

The building of the regional state archive

One of the claims is about the construction of a new building of the regional state archive until 2021. Note that Botsan-Kharchenko is in charge of the archival business. In 2020, a budget of 19 million rubles was allocated for the development of design and estimate documentation. The winner of the electronic bidding was the SUE “Vladimirgrazhdanproekt”.

The materials of the inspection say that Botsan-Kharchenko, wishing to speed up the development process, through the head of “Oblstroyzakazchik” Tatiana Potapova, ensured the transfer of 7.4 million rubles to “Vladimirgrazhdanproekt” as “an advance payment for fictitious work”. Although this was contrary to the terms of the contract. In violation of the budget law, the vice-governor managed to get the building of the state archives included in the plan and to allocate 253.2 million rubles for it. He promised Governor Vladimir Sipyagin that a federal subsidy of one billion rubles would be provided for this purpose.

“A.A. Botsan-Kharchenko’s increased interest in the construction of the archive building is also due to his personal interests. The contracting organization that submitted bids and intends to build the facility is affiliated with A.A. Botsan-Kharchenko from his former activities. Representatives of the contractor came to Vladimir several times and inspected the future construction site,” the document says.

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By the end of 2020, the design of the future building had not been completed, and the funds allocated for its development were returned to the budget without regard to the seven million transferred to “Vladimirgrazhdanproekt”. This fact can be considered an inefficient use of budgetary funds and their partial embezzlement.

Without the design-budget documentation to start building it is not possible, so allocated 253 million won’t turn out to be mastered. By the way, the cost of the whole idea is estimated at 900 million rubles. The project is promoted within the state program “Development of archival business in the Vladimir region in 2016 – 2022”.

Public transportation

The next occasion for questions to Arkady Botsan-Kharchenko was public transport. In the first half of June 2021, he held a meeting on this topic, proposing to transfer the sphere of passenger transportation to a concessionaire. According to the deputy governor, municipalities can not cope with this task because of the lack of funds.

Currently there are 11 joint-stock companies engaged in passenger transportation in Vladimir region administration. And most of them are in pre-bankruptcy state. Some municipalities (for example, Kovrov and Gorokhovets districts, Murom) offered to transfer 100% of shares of these enterprises to them. At the same time, the municipalities promised to assume the costs of updating the material and technical base of the enterprises and the acquisition of the required number of rolling stock.

“However, the vice-governor of the Vladimir region Botsan-Harchenko A.A., responsible for the administrative reform in the executive branch of the Vladimir region, in every way hinders the adoption of this decision by the governor. This is due to the fact that from the moment of his appointment, A.A. Botsan-Kharchenko, acting in the interests of certain banking structures, in particular, VEB, nurtures the idea of creating a single regional operator in the field of passenger transportation in the region”, – found the results of the inspection.

Botsan-Kharchenko deliberately does not coordinate any decisions related to the transfer of enterprises engaged in passenger transportation. In particular, in spite of Sipyagin’s order, he deliberately delays the transfer of the local bus terminal building to the Sudogodsky district administration.

The experts think that the idea of creation of a single re-operator in the field of transportation is not supported economically – there is no big investor in the Vladimir region who would be ready to undertake such expenses. At the same time the delay in transferring joint-stock companies to municipalities leads to the fact that the financial situation of enterprises is getting worse. If they go bankrupt, the situation with transport in the region will worsen.

Unified digital platform of the Vladimir region

ProVladimir would be surprised if there was nothing in the document about the long-suffering unified digital platform of the Vladimir region worth 40 million rubles. This is the topic that we have been publishing since 2019.
It turned out that in the summer of 2019, the head of the Vladimir branch of Sberbank (the biggest bank of Russia) Andrey Cherkashin offered Botsan-Kharchenko a software product that would create a digital platform that could unite disparate information resources of the executive authorities of the region. However, this idea was not considered, although the bank’s program has shown itself well in other regions.

At the same time, the Vice-Governor ordered the preparation of technical specifications for the development of a similar product, but significantly more expensive than the one offered by Sberbank. Moreover, the inspectors noted that the criteria were written for a particular contractor – the Moscow JSC “Concern Granit”, which eventually won.

At a press conference in December 2019, Arkady Botsan-Kharchenko regretfully spoke about the fact that no one but the aforementioned company had sent an application for participation in the electronic auction. At the same time, the vice-governor, as the supervisor of DIZO, ordered the bidding without confirmation of the experience of the contractor.

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“The inspection of this company showed that Concern Granit JSC has a direct connection with CJSC Oil Company Energia, which was liquidated in 2014 and whose founder and director at the time was Botsan-Kharchenko A.A.,” the document stresses.

“The “Mousekabel” platform is still in pilot operation. Its core cannot cope with the industrial scale load, so it had to be replaced. It will take considerable time to debug the platform.

Earlier, Governor Vladimir Sipyagin signed a decree on the promotion of Arkady Botsan-Kharchenko to his first deputy. Until the approval of this decision by the deputies of the Legislative Assembly, he will hold the post with the prefix “vrio”. The decision, according to official information, is due to the volume and priority of the tasks solved by the strategic bloc of agencies under his leadership.

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