Health Workers Ask Governor Sipyagin to Save the Ambulance in Raduzhny From a Conflicted Chief Doctor

Employees of the profile department prepared an open appeal to the governor

Employees of the emergency department of the Raduzhny city hospital prepared an open appeal to Vladimir Sipyagin, in which they told the governor about the conflict with chief physician Lyudmila Zhukova.

ProVladimir has already written about this story in detail. One of the main stumbling blocks was the fact that Zhukova withdrew the documents under which her subordinates were to receive extra payment for working with coronavirus patients for February and April. The paramedics see the reason for such behavior in the personal dislike of her boss.

It should be noted that most of the time Raduzhny is served by one ambulance crew. When two ambulance crews work, they go out understaffed. The next complaint is working conditions. Ambulance workers hang their clothes in the same room where they have a shower. And the two areas are separated only by a thin wooden partition. Their belongings are stored in a wooden chifforobe, although SanPiN is supposed to have iron boxes.

There are only two old wobbly couches in the break room where employees can sleep. Acting Vice-Governor Olga Grebneva, who visited the city hospital in early June, compared the environment of the room with the bunk beds. The ambulance dispatch room is going to be repurposed as a red zone, which should not be done, according to the medical staff.

Lyudmila Zhukova became head of the municipal hospital in Raduzhny in late 2020, and during her tenure four paramedics were fired from the ambulance.

“We have no constructive dialogue with Ms. Zhukova, and it is no longer possible to establish one in this situation. The medical staff has a clear feeling that the head doctor wants us to quit, because she once said in a conversation that she didn’t need the ambulance in the hospital,” reads the appeal.

Medical workers hope that the intervention of the head of the region will restore their labor rights and achieve justice.

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