The Disloyal Deputy From Kirzhach Tatyana Guseva Was Punished by the Prosecutor’s Office for Inaccuracy in Her Declaration

Tatyana Guseva herself attributes it to her human rights work

The prosecutor’s office of Kirzhach district of Vladimir region initiated an inspection of the declaration of the deputy of Kirzhach district Tatyana Guseva. The inspection resulted in bringing the people’s elected representative to responsibility, reports the press service of the supervisory authority.

“On the part of the deputy T.Y. Guseva the facts of concealment by her of information about the income received from the lease of property, and also about the income under contracts on rendering legal services were revealed.

In this connection the district attorney’s office brought an appropriate presentation to the representative body of the Local Council of Kirzhach district, upon results of consideration of which T. Y. Guseva was brought to responsibility”, – is spoken in the message.

At an extraordinary session of Kirzhach district council the deputy was declared a disciplinary penalty in the form of a warning. Shortly before this meeting, the district council adopted a regulation that allows for such disciplinary penalties.

In a conversation with ProVladimir, Tatiana Guseva said that the matter involved formal violations in the manner of filling out the declaration. Initially, the prosecutor’s office insisted that the violation consisted in the provision of incorrect information by the deputy, but then only technical details were left out of the accusations. This, according to Tatsiana Guseva, is enshrined in the decision of the district council (note, this contradicts the information published by the prosecutor’s office).

The deputy also said that the attention of supervisory authorities to her appeared after a collective letter from residents, demanding not to cut down trees during construction of Kirzhach bypass. At first representatives of prosecutor’s office received a letter from a citizen, claiming that there are violations in the deputy’s declaration. Then the prosecutor’s office initiated a check. Other deputies, however, were not checked.

Tatsiana Guseva explained that both local authorities and district deputies do not listen to the opinion of residents when discussing issues, although by law they should represent their interests. Moreover, according to Tatyana Guseva, some deputies accuse Kirzhach residents who defend the protective forest, almost of extremist activities.

“I am familiar with this from the case of the landfill near the Philippovsky forest. When I dealt with this issue in 2018, then the former governor also accused me of being almost extremist. It was the same situation here. I, as a normal person, could not turn a blind eye to this; I said that a meeting should be convened, that all residents were concerned about this issue, that I did not really understand the justification [for the logging] and “show me the project documentation.”

Immediately after that they initiated checks on me. Allegedly I reported false information in my declaration and withheld my income from the state. It sounds ridiculous to me because at the meeting, where there was a representative of the prosecutor’s office, I personally asked the question on what grounds they came to the conclusion that I had declared unreliable information. They tried to explain something to me in no uncertain terms, but it was unclear how they calculated it.

I fully reported my income, and I think that everything that was initiated against me is a way to discredit me in the face of the local population. To say that I am the one who is corrupt. People who mismanaged the funds for the construction of the Sports and Recreation Center, some other things they did – they are not corrupt. And I, a citizen who does not work with public money, I protect the interests of the residents, and after I said about the detour, these “bumps” flew to my address.

Tatyana Guseva was one of the most visible human rights advocates in 2018, pushing to stop the illegal logging of the Philippine Forest for a landfill. In August 2019, she ran as a candidate for the Kirzhach District Council of Deputies. Then the territorial election commission illegally removed the candidate from the election, trying to prove Tatyana Guseva’s “double partisanship”, despite the direct instruction in the party’s charter about the automatic withdrawal of its members when they join another party. The court reinstated the candidate in passive suffrage, Tatyana Guseva was nominated by the CPRF and won the election with an impressive result.

In August 2020, Dmitry Butryakov, deputy of the Kameshkovsky District Council, was deprived of his parliamentary seat for failing to declare his name. In a conversation with ProVladimir, he said that this happened because of changes in the requirements for submitting a declaration. Previously it had to be submitted to the district, but under the new rules it had to be sent to the regional administration. Dmitry Butryakov noticed the violation, but the district assured him that they would forward the documents. Like Tatsiana Guseva, Dmitry Butryakou stood in opposition to the district manager and stated about possible law violations by the officials.

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