The Regional Clinical Hospital in Vladimir Purchased Counterfeit Medical Masks

The indictment is sent to court

The Vladimir city prosecutor’s office sent an indictment to court against a 30-year-old local resident. She is accused of selling counterfeit medical products on a large scale.

The investigation has established that the businesswoman has bought 445 thousand protective masks in Moscow from April 24 to May 19, 2020. Then she sold the PPE without a registration certificate to a medical institution.

“Subsequently, B. sold falsified medical products in the amount of 345 thousand pieces worth about 10 million rubles to a regional clinical hospital, while providing the customer’s authorized persons with false information about the manufacturer of the protective masks,” the prosecutor’s office website reports. The woman pleaded guilty to the crime in full. Now the Oktyabrsky district court will decide her fate.

We remind that earlier the Association of Developers, Manufacturers and Suppliers of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE Association) reported that Aleksandrovskaya district hospital purchased respirator masks with the signs of falsification for its staff. At the auction, the maximum price was reduced by almost 92%, which means that one respirator cost the hospital only 14 rubles instead of 195 rubles.

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