Two-Thirds of Brokerage Accounts of Residents of the Vladimir Region Have a Zero Balance

The Central Bank states: interest in investment is not supported by financial opportunities

By the beginning of July 2021 residents of the Vladimir region had opened 117 thousand brokerage accounts. However, 63% of them were empty, as follows from the information of the regional branch of the Central Bank.

The financial regulator believes that banks are quite active in offering to customers to open brokerage accounts, as a result Vladimir citizens open such instruments but they do not have enough funds to replenish them and buy securities as well as sufficient knowledge to interact with the stock market.

Today every eleventh inhabitant of the region already has a brokerage account. Taking into account empty assets, the average amount per brokerage account is 600 thousand rubles, or 27 billion rubles in total on the brokerage accounts and another 3 billion rubles in trust management.

The Bank of Russia has developed free webinars for investors. At the classes citizens learn about financial products, risks and investment strategies.

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