600 Pregnant Women in the Vladimir Region Have Fallen Ill With Coronavirus Since the Start of the Pandemic

Only 20 expectant mothers were vaccinated

The Department of Health provided details of the deaths of six pregnant women who had previously contracted the coronavirus. Among them were residents of both Vladimir and districts of the region. This is reported in a response from the regional health department to an official request from ProVladimir.

“Patients sought medical help too late, while delaying treatment at home. There is a widespread myth that pharmacotherapy is contraindicated for pregnant women. With a new coronavirus infection it is important to start treatment as early as possible, this will help prevent the development of severe complications,” the reply, signed by Konstantin Baranov, director of the regional health department, explains.

The regional health department noted that a more pathogenic strain of coronavirus is now circulating, which is especially dangerous for pregnant women:

“In this category of patients there is a great risk of rapid deterioration of the condition, when respiratory failure progresses, which, in turn, can flow into multiple organ failure, sepsis. In such a serious condition it is often impossible to save the patient.

It is important to emphasize that the processes in the body of pregnant women contribute to a more severe course of the new coronavirus infection, and coronavirus itself causes complications of pregnancy. Such a vicious circle does not always save patients. When a patient is pregnant, specialists cannot start treatment according to the general methodology, because the drugs are contraindicated or limited in use, and delivery can worsen the condition.”

The health department stressed that all deceased pregnant women infected with the new coronavirus infection were not vaccinated.

In general, expectant mothers are reluctant to be vaccinated against COVID-19 – only about 20 of them have been vaccinated so far. Although doctors claim that this will help protect both women and their children from severe and even fatal complications.

The Regional Public Health Department also reported that currently, 19 pregnant women are undergoing outpatient treatment for coronavirus, while 34 of them are inpatients. Beds for them are opened on the basis of the infectious diseases hospital of the Regional Clinical Hospital. A total of about 600 expectant mothers have fallen ill with covid since 2020 in the Vladimir Region.

The death of six pregnant women who fell ill with COVID-19 was reported by Konstantin Baranov, the new head of the regional public health department, at a meeting of the regional Public Chamber in late October. Earlier the chief doctor of perinatal center of Vladimir region urged pregnant women to be vaccinated against coronavirus. Nadezhda Tumanova explained that vaccination is contraindicated for expectant mothers who are less than 22 weeks pregnant. But then you should be vaccinated, especially if a woman has been diagnosed with lung disease, kidney disease, liver disease, diabetes etc.

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