Alexei Navalny was Returned From Vladimir to Prison No. 2 in Pokrov

This was reported by TV-rain.

Opposition politician Alexei Navalny was returned to the penal colony in Pokrovsk colony, the TV channel “TV-Rain” reported, during the court hearing of the politician’s lawsuit against the colony’s administration for censorship.

During the hearing, Alexei Navalny denied the claim, saying that he and his lawyers ensured respect for his rights in this regard. According to ProVladimir’s sources, the opposition leader could have been transferred to Pokrov as early as the end of last week, so it is unlikely that he saw the fireworks in honor of Alexei Navalny’s 45th birthday, which were launched by citizens sympathetic to him in Vladimir.

We should remind that on April 18, an opposition politician was convoyed to the Pokrovsky prison № 2 to serve his sentence in the “Yves Rocher” case. Alexei Navalny complained of back and leg pains, as well as the fact that he did not receive the necessary medical care in the colony and was not allowed to be examined by civilian doctors. Because of this he remained on hunger strike for almost three weeks and ended it only on April 23. During his conscious denial of food and water the oppositionist felt ill and was transferred to the regional hospital for prisoners in correctional colony No. 3 in Vladimir.

Tomorrow, June 8, Oktyabrsky district court of the regional center (in Vladimir) will consider another lawsuit of Navalny but this time against the Vladimir penal colony No. 3. The oppositionist demands to recognize the actions of prison staff who in May did not allow his lawyers to bring cell phones and laptops necessary for defence lawyers to work to a meeting with him, illegal.

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