A Record Mortality Rate Has Been Registered in the Vladimir Region In June

The Main Contribution Was Made by the Regional Center

According to the regional Department of Justice, in June 2021 there were 2,478 deaths of residents of the Vladimir region. This is one and a half times more than in 2019 and higher than in June 2020, when there was already a coronavirus pandemic.

Vladimir region was among the leaders among Russian regions in terms of excess mortality. In Russia, the situation is worse only in Buryatia, the “Open Media” reported.

Due to record mortality and against the background of low birth rate (only 864 people were born in our region in June), the number of deaths in the first month of summer exceeded the number of births by 2.86 times. There are slightly less than three deceased per one born.

If we look at how mortality rates changed in the Vladimir region territories, we find that the most pronounced increase in fatal cases was in Vladimir, Vyazniki, Petushinsky and Selivanovsky districts.

Up to the 16th day of the month official source of information - Rospotrebnadzor recorded no increase in the incidence of disease in any of the districts of the region.

Official statistics on coronavirus mortality practically do not correlate with excess mortality rates; morbidity statistics provided by Rospotrebnadzor agrees with the data a little better, but lags a long time behind; most reliably the dynamics of morbidity is conveyed by the statistics of occupied beds for coronavirus patients. Judging by it, the growth of morbidity in the region began as early as May, and it acquired an explosive character after June 10.

As the world practice shows, so far the only effective and safe way to fight the pandemic is vaccination. In countries where the percentage of vaccinated population is high, the incidence of coronavirus comes to naught, restrictions are lifted, and mortality rates correspond to pre-coronavirus rates.

Vladimir region is one of the five regions with the worst vaccination rates. In recent weeks there has been a shortage of vaccines in medical institutions in the region, however, citizens have the opportunity to get vaccinated within a relatively short time after making an appointment.

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