Authorities and Residents of the Melenki District Spoke Out Against the Construction of the Bitumen Plant

BituMax-Nature LLC received a rejection of its proposal

The administration of Melenki district refused the company “BituMax-Priroda” LLC to build a plant for the production of road bitumen, methanol and meprin near the village of Levino. This became known from an open appeal to the residents of the nearby settlements, published in the district newspaper “Kommunar”.

The letter of the Melenki Council of People’s Deputies and the local administration says that the company approached them with a construction proposal in April 2021. Since it was necessary to change the category of agricultural land to industrial land for these purposes, public hearings were held first.

On June 24, more than 240 people gathered in the building of the Culture center of Levino, according to the official protocol. Despite the assurances of the representatives of “BituMax-Priroda” that the future production will be environmentally friendly, the residents and the municipal authorities opposed the appearance of the plant. The head of Denyatinsky settlement asked the head of the district administration on behalf of the population not to give permission for construction.

The Melenki district administration listened to the opinion of the residents and stated that “the issue of construction is closed.

“The only disappointing thing is that in election cycles, such usual procedures are always accompanied by a build-up of hysteria and pre-election PR. And in this case certain political forces in Melenki district decided to bet on this situation in order to solve exactly their political tasks.

We urge fellow countrymen who defend their rights fairly and quite legitimately, not to give in to provocation of those who only hide behind you, solving their momentary political tasks. As we can see, the final decision on the construction of the plant was made; it took into consideration citizens’ opinions and legal requirements, and any political insinuations around this are of an exclusively destructive nature,” reads the address.

Reminder: several years ago they started to build their bitumen plant near Vladimir near Rukav village, despite protests of the local residents. They staged pickets, wrote to the administration, but in vain. Then the citizens complained about the unpleasant smell and emissions from the production, asking Governor Vladimir Sipyagin to close the plant.

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