Acting Governor Alexander Avdeev Arrived Without a Team and Reassigned Almost All Former Deputies

Acting Governor Alexander Avdeev arrived in the Vladimir region without a team and will rely on Vladimir managers who are familiar with the situation on the ground. The region’s acting head told this to journalists at a briefing on October 7.

At the same time, Avdeev did not rule out the possibility that a couple of people from his team may still show up in the region and quickly get involved in the region’s problems. Former deputy governors will continue to work in the administration of the Vladimir region in their former positions until December 30, 2021.

Civil servants have sent the applications to the acting head of the region, Alexander Avdeev has approved them and has issued the decree. The term of appointment until the New Year will relieve the acting head of the region of the procedure for the approval of deputies.

The Acting Governor explained that he had only been in the Vladimir region for two days, but had had time to conduct an interview with each of the deputies. Alexander Avdeev admitted that in such a short time it is difficult to make a full impression on whether the professional, personnel and moral views of the new subordinates coincide.

The Acting Head of the region also listed the principles, in accordance with which he will conduct his personnel policy. According to him, he expects his subordinates to be ready to work professionally in a team, to give their best and to be creative. Managers must bring in new things and work for synergy.

“I hope that we will succeed, I will be assessed by professional qualities and I think that I will be assessed by professional qualities,” summed up Alexander Avdeev.

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