September Mortality in the Vladimir Region Was 36% Higher Than the Pre-coronavirus Rate

2,308 people died in the region in a month

According to the regional Department of Justice, 2,308 deaths were registered in the Vladimir region in September 2021. This is a record figure for September, it is 614 people more than the value of deaths in 2019. Also, this figure is significantly higher than the level of 2020 (then 1,879 people died).

According to official statistics, 262 people died of coronavirus in the Vladimir region in September, which is 42% of all excess deaths. Since the beginning of the year according to official statistics 1,464 residents of the Vladimir region have died of coronavirus. Excess mortality in the first nine months of 2021 was 4257 persons or 21% relative to the level of 2019.

September mortality rate in the region was equal to the statistical error of the August one. Indirectly it can be assumed that the fourth wave of the pandemic began again earlier than it is reflected in the official morbidity statistics.

The number of occupied beds began to rise from the beginning of September, and by now it has reached almost a record for the region. As in December 2020, doctors report a shortage of beds for coronavirus patients. This suggests that in October, too, excess mortality will be higher than pre-coronavirus rates.

September mortality compared to 2020 and 2019 increased most dramatically in the regional center. In September 2019, 391 people died in Vladimir, in September 2021 - 563. An increase in mortality is also observed in Kovrov, Murom and Alexandrovsky district.

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