Vladimir Ambulance Feldsher Reported the Lack of Places in the Children’s Infectious Diseases Ward

Elena Malysheva, an employee of the Vladimir ambulance station, said on her VKontakte page that in early October during a shift, doctors twice refused to hospitalize a child with a non-reducible fever of 40 degrees, vomiting and failure to absorb fluids.

According to the paramedic, the child was first taken to the children’s infectious disease unit of one of the city hospitals, but was refused.

“We pull up and the door opens and we’re screaming – no room!!!! Some reproaches and complaints to us, why do we (employees of the SSMP) take patients to them, why don’t we listen to them?”

Elena Malysheva said that the doctor at the emergency room, where the child was taken, signed that the patient was entitled to outpatient treatment (at home) and did not prescribe any medications.

The child was then taken by ambulance to the Regional Children’s Hospital, where the child was again denied hospitalization.

“And we are alone again with our problems….. Mom with tears in her eyes calls a cab home and tells us “what am I going to do? when will this be over?” Never!!!!”, the ambulance worker emotionally described the situation.

To the recording the paramedic attached a photo, where in the column “diagnosis” is written “no room”, as well as a video of a man dressed as a nurse on the phone asking not to send more ambulances to the hospital.

It should be reminded that on Sunday, October 3, Vladimir ambulance workers after futile attempts to hospitalize a patient with a suspected severe coronavirus were forced to stand under the windows of the regional administration building. The medics stated that there was an acute shortage of places in coronavirus hospitals in the regional center.

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