Since July 12 in the Vladimir Region to Visit the Cafe, Cinemas, Fitness and All Businesses in the Service Sector Is Only Possible With a Certificate of Vaccination or Pcr-Test

According to the authorities, the restrictions will be in effect for at least several months

The Vladimir region has joined the list of Russian regions that have imposed strict restrictions on the operation of all services. Vladimir residents will be able to visit almost any public place except public transport and grocery stores if they have a certificate of vaccination or a PCR test. The test will be valid for three days. Authorities have not yet reported whether it will be necessary to show a paper document of vaccination, or a QR code.

The restrictions, which come into force on July 12, will apply to all cafes, bars, restaurants, food courts, discotheques, fitness centers, swimming pools, spas, cinemas, concert halls and other institutions. It was told about it at the briefing in the building of the Vladimir region administration on-line by the Vice-governor Alexander Remiga.

The civil servant read the text from the gubernatorial decree, which was about to be published:

“Since July 12, restaurants, canteens, cafes, cafes, buffets, bars, snack bars and catering organizations, regardless of departmental affiliation and organizational and legal form, are allowed to operate, provided persons with a certificate of prophylactic vaccination against coronavirus or a negative PCR test are admitted.

It is allowed to operate food courts with a 50% occupancy rate. The same measures for hotels will be in force from July 15.

As of July 12, the activities of beauty salons, cosmetic salons, spas, massage parlors, tanning salons and saunas providing full-time visits to citizens will be possible only with a certificate of vaccination or a negative PCR test.

Since July 12, the activities of fitness centers, swimming pools, leisure organizations of citizens, including nightclubs, discos, cinemas, concert halls are possible with the admission of persons with a certificate of preventive vaccination against coronavirus or a negative PCR test.

The Vice-Governor emphasized that in our region there are no special restrictions related to checking the personnel of service establishments. It happened because the entrepreneurs actively joined in the vaccination of employees.

“During the last month the work of vaccination campaign in public catering is organized. A lot of work has been done. Thanks to the participants for that. Now we do not have to worry that employees will go to work unvaccinated. Rospotrebnadzor here today there are no restrictions.

In many regions of the country day by day they limit the activities of the service sector, if the employees are not vaccinated, they can not go to work”.

Alexander Remiga voiced suggestions for support measures for businesses that find themselves in a difficult situation. They will be discussed in more detail today at 16:00 at a meeting with business. The regional administraion intends to include support mechanisms in a week.

The authorities are working out the following measures of support for business:

  • reduction of the rate on the simplified taxation system;
  • compensation for the sphere of services for the purchase of personal protective equipment;
  • special credit regimes for businesses that are subject to restrictions;
  • reduced rent payments on all state property. “We will try to lower the rent threshold to 25 to 75% of the value.”
  • preservation of the reduced property tax rate for payers of the simplified tax system (“simplified tax”) in the amount of 0.1% per year;
  • direct financial assistance, compensation of costs.

“We see that it is necessary to work out the issue of subsidizing part of wages, as the federal government did in the first wave of the pandemic. Now there is no such measure from the federal level, we will try to work it out at the regional level and see what we can do.

Industry representatives are involved in the discussion process, it will not happen behind closed doors. For the next week, we’ll see how to minimize the costs of small business. But the limits that the pandemic puts us in today, they force us to dictate new rules. In a month we had the sickness rate increased from 30 to 40 daily to 240. And it’s not going down. it’s only going up,” the first deputy governor concluded disappointingly.

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