The Son of the White House Security Director Took a Below-Average Russian Uniform State Exam and Got Into a Prestigious University at the Government’s Expense

The only one who got worse results at MGIMO was an envoy from Sobinsky District

Kirill Gorozhaninov, the son of Vadim Gorozhaninov, director of the regional security department, entered the Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO) in 2021 and will study “Administrative and financial law” for free. This was reported by the telegraph channel “We can explain”. The White House confirmed the information about the enrollment of the official’s son to the publication “Zebra-TV.”

“The alleged son of the director of the Department of Security of the Vladimir region Vadim Gorozhaninov earned only 210 points out of 300. But Kirill received a referral from the regional department of economic development to study at MGIMO in the program “Administrative and financial law” (the cost of 375,000 rubles per year),” read a message in the telegram channel.

Information about Kirill Gorozhaninov’s enrollment is also available on the MGIMO website. The young man showed an above-average result in the foreign language exam, but the current freshman cannot boast of his scores in social studies and the Russian language. The national average score on the Russian language exam in 2021 was 71.4. Kirill Gorozhaninov has only 62.

The son of the White House security director took a below-average Russian Unified State Exam and went to MGIMO on a targeted assignment.

The White House press service explained that there were no applicants for MGIMO in 2021, except for the son of the official and another girl from the municipality (in fact, a guy from the Sobinsky district). The White House said that according to the agreement, the young man will have to work for three years in the structures of the regional administration after graduation, which is considered “a positive effect in the form of attracting a qualified specialist to the team.

The official response to Zebra-TV also states that the young man has a positive reputation from all sides, is engaged in sports and knows two foreign languages. The latter quality is very appreciated in the White House, the press service specified.

Note that the average passing score at MGIMO in 2021 was more than 96. The young man at the overall score of 210 on average during the exam received 70 points, which is, to put it mildly, significantly lower than the results of his prospective classmates. Among the school leavers in the Vladimir region in 2021, there were many kids who knew two foreign languages and got much higher scores on the USE.

The White House department headed by the father of a target student is supposed to fight corruption. In the broadest sense, corruption is defined as any action that violates the principle of meritocracy – the order in which positions are given to people based on their talents and merits, rather than on how close they are to power.

Also in MGIMO in 2021 on referral from the administration of the Sobinsky district has entered one Alexei Shmatov. He will study in the program “National and Regional Policy”. The young man got 66 points in a foreign language and 60 points in Russian, which is below the national average.

The son of the White House security director passed his USE in Russian below average and went to MGIMO on a targeted assignment.

Target students from the Vladimir region rank last in overall USE scores among all students enrolled at MGIMO in 2021. Kirill Gorozhaninov showed better results than the envoy from the Sobinsky district and another target student from the Republic of Crimea.

This is not the first time the White House has given “a ticket to life” to talented children of the power elite. In 2017, Natalia Yudina’s daughter Angelina entered the Faculty of Law at Moscow State University through a special assignment from the regional administration. Her mother at the time was head of the regional branch of the University of Finance, and also served as chairman of the regional Public Chamber. Shortly after her daughter enrolled, Natalia Yudina also left to live and work in the capital.

Judging by social networks and news on the Moscow State University website, Angelina Yudina (who had already completed her bachelor’s degree) continues to study at the main university of the country. The girl, who had a passion for creativity before, won the “Student of the Year” creative nomination in her third year, tried to become a member of the university’s student council, and is now a mentor for first-year students. Soon she, as a target student, will have to serve her three years in the structures of the regional administration.

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