The Prosecutor in the Case of Navalny’s Associates Is Promoted to Prosecutor of the Kovrov District

Senior Advisor of Justice Stepan Volodin was dismissed from the position of Gus-Khrustal inter-district prosecutor of the Vladimir region and appointed to the position of prosecutor of the city of Kovrov. Volodin had worked in his previous position for five years (since December 2016), and the new appointment was for the same period.

Stepan Volodin gained notoriety as the state prosecutor in the case of the theft of the painting “Bad Good Man” by Navalny supporter Georgy Alburov. The latter was found guilty, but was later amnestied. In addition, Volodin represented the state prosecution in the first trial in the case of former director of Avtopribor Alexei Melnikov.

The prosecutor was also made famous several years ago by a picture of himself on the throne of Westeros from the TV series Game of Thrones. Vladimir activist Alexander Sharov sent a request to the prosecutor’s office with a request to evaluate the actions of his employee. But the agency felt that there had been no violation of professional ethics.

Stepan Volodin was born in 1982 in the village of Krutoberegovo, Ust-Kamchatka District, Kamchatka Region. He graduated from the Saratov State Academy of Law. In April 2014, he joined the prosecutor’s office in the Vladimir region. He held the positions of assistant prosecutor of the Sudogodsky district, investigator, senior investigator of the Sudogodsky district prosecutor’s office, prosecutor, senior prosecutor of the department for supervising the procedural activities of preliminary investigation and inquiry bodies of the regional prosecutor’s office, deputy head of the same department, deputy prosecutor of Vladimir, Gus-Khrustalsky interdistrict prosecutor.

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