Alexei Navalny Will Work as a Seamstress in Pokrov Prison No. 2

Opposition activist Alexei Navalny, who is serving his sentence in Pokrov prison 2, will work as a seamstress. A post on the subject appeared in the politician’s social networks, which are run by his supporters.

As the post explains, prison authorities told Navalny that he had already been incarcerated for nine months and that “correction is impossible without engaging him in work activities. He was offered several jobs to choose from – a cook, a baker, a janitor, an auxiliary worker, and a seamstress.

“I like the picture of me as a baker – standing there, a ruddy kid in a white cap, with my hands at my sides, watching the Bread piling up in the oven, and smiling thoughtfully. Still, I decided to be away from positions of nomenklatura and enrolled in the sewing shop. A little closer to the “masses of people.

Alexei Navalny added that he used to make fun of feminists who introduce various feminisms into the Russian language. But now he is thinking about it, because it turns out that the profession “seamstress” does not have a variant of the name in the masculine form.

“So I used to be not against feminatives (i.e. words like “author” and “editor”), but I considered it unimportant nonsense and a good excuse for trolling, and now I warmly support everyone’s right to be called what they want. After all, that is what language is for, and it must evolve to meet the needs of society. Society, I make you a request for the masculine occupation of “seamstress. Schweik? Schwendr? Schwelendr? Schweluepsser?”.

Recall that Alexei Navalny is serving a sentence in the “Yves Rocher” case, he will spend two years and eight months in prison. He was commuted to a suspended sentence after he failed to report to the Federal Penitentiary Service several times. The oppositionist explained it by the fact that he was in Germany for treatment after severe poisoning.

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