Vladimir Region Plans to Vaccinate 80% Of the Population Against Coronavirus

So far, only 34.4% of the plan has been fulfilled.

The Vladimir region and other Russian regions have been tasked with vaccinating 80% of the population against the new coronavirus infection. This was stated by Svetlana Grigoryan, head of the medical care organization department during a briefing on September 9, referring to a video conference with Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova.

It should be reminded that previously it had been planned to vaccinate 60% of the population. As of the beginning of September, the plan was 43.4% fulfilled, while with the new requirements the figure drops to 34.4%.

“We have 34% execution of the plan [for vaccination against COVID-19]. Whoever watches our shows knows that literally on September 1 we were saying our percentage was 43.6%, but of course it depends on the plan. It’s changed and we’re at 34.4%. 

I would like to say that in the Vladimir region there are now sufficient vaccination sites and sufficient vaccines that come to the region and sufficient staff to carry out the vaccination. Today we are waiting for those who wish to be vaccinated. And it must be done in order to create a collective immunity. That is why everyone is invited to be vaccinated”, – said Grigoryan.

It turns out that to be vaccinated against COVID-19 in the region is necessary more than 874 thousand inhabitants. According to Rospotrebnadzor, 267,000 people have already been vaccinated.

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