The Court Dismissed Alexei Navalny’s Lawsuit against the Vladimir Penal Colony

The defense of the convicted politician will appeal the decision

The Oktyabrsky District Court of Vladimir rejected the lawsuit of Alexei Navalny against the penal colony № 3. Claims of the convicted politician were that his lawyers were illegally prevented from taking to the regime area phones and laptops, which were needed to provide qualified legal assistance. Representatives of the defendant in court said that there was no ban, the defenders surrendered gadgets voluntarily.

On June 10, Alexei Navalny again did not participate in the meeting via video link, his interests were represented by lawyer Vadim Kobzev. He asked the court to clarify the claim by extending the dates indicated there. Initially the dates were set from April 19 to May 11, but Navalny’s lawyers were not allowed to bring in gadgets even later – from May 13 to June 4, that is, until the opposition leader was transferred from Vladimir’s penal colony No. 3 to Pokrov penal colony No. 2.

Kobzev added that if a new claim is filed on these dates, it will take some time, and some of the video footage from the checkpoint of the penal institution will be destroyed – this happens automatically after 30 days. Thus, the recordings made before April 27th have already been deleted.

A representative of the defendant asked not to accept the clarification of Navalny’s statement, suggesting that in this way the plaintiff side is trying to drag out the process. The court agreed with this position, explaining that the convicted politician, if he wants, can file a new lawsuit.

Lawyer Vadim Kobzev (left) and a representative of the defendant

During the debate Vadzim Kobzev tried to appeal to common sense – if the lawyers were not prevented from taking the gadgets into the restricted area, why would they go to court?

“They [the defendant’s representatives] didn’t say that, but their position directly says that we made it all up. We ourselves turned it all in [phones and laptops] and then we filed this lawsuit – probably just to smear them somehow on purpose. Of course that’s not true. And I understand their position very well. In principle, this is the only position that allows them to get out of this situation, because there is no other way not to let the lawyers, in accordance with the decision of the Supreme Court, with mobile communications [in the restricted area].
The defendant’s side said that it adheres to the position voiced at the first meeting – there was no ban on taking the gadgets, Navalny’s defenders deposited them voluntarily.

Judge Anna Veselova went into a deliberation room and came back 40 minutes later announced a decision to leave Alexei Navalny’s lawsuit against PMC-3 in Vladimir without satisfaction.

Lawyer Viktor Kobzev said that this decision would be appealed. It is not known whether another lawsuit on new dates will be filed. The lawyer explained that he had to consult with Alexei Navalny first.

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