Vladimir Region Ranked Among the Five Worst Regions in Terms of Rates of Vaccination against COVID-19

Both components of the vaccine were given to 8.44% of the adult population

According to the regional public health department, as of 9th of June, 93.8 thousand people had been fully vaccinated against coronavirus, which amounts to 8.44% of all adults in the region. At least one component was given to 112.8 thousand people or 10.1% of all adults in the Vladimir region. It is planned to vaccinate at least 60% or 656 000 adults.

As of June 4 the Vladimir region was the sixth from the end of the region in terms of rate of vaccination. Only Dagestan, Chechnya, Kabardino-Balkaria, North Ossetia and Adygeya have been slower in the COVID-19 vaccination campaign. Since then, the region has made little progress in vaccination rates.

The leaders in regional vaccination are residents of Gorokhovetsky, Kameshkovsky and Melenkovsky districts, as well as the town of Raduzhny. In the regional center, 26.6 thousand residents (9.7%) received both components of the vaccine, while 32 thousand people (11.7%) got their first shot.

The Regional Health Department assures that the region has sufficient vaccine volumes for mass immunization, as well as regularly receives additional doses. In addition to the Sputnik V vaccine, it is possible to be vaccinated with domestic Vector and CoviVac. The latter two vaccines are mainly distributed to rural health posts, since there are less stringent requirements for their storage.

In the Vladimir region there are vaccination centers in 51 medical organizations, as well as their subdivisions. It is possible to get a vaccination at 157 addresses. It is also possible to get vaccinated at a stationary vaccination point in the “Globus” hypermarket without an appointment.

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