Vladimir Oncological Dispensary Receives New Equipment for 26 Million Rubles

This is not the last delivery to the hospital

The Vladimir Regional Clinical Oncological Dispensary has received four units of modern medical equipment worth 26.3 million rubles as part of the regional program “Combating Cancer”.

The oncological dispensary received:

  • two mobile X-ray machines (one is a ward unit, the other is a C-arm type);
  • a four-channel coagulometer for blood clotting studies;
  • a laboratory centrifuge to separate substances by density and consistency using centrifugal force.

In 2020, the medical facility received 26 units of medical equipment for a total of 409.5 million rubles. And this year it is planned to make a delivery for 200.4 million. A total of 146 pieces of equipment will be delivered to the dispensary in five years – from angiographs, magnetic resonance tomographs and laser surgical complexes to expert class ultrasound machines and endovideoscopic complexes.

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