Vladimir Medical Students Intend to Help Panic-Stricken Citizens Get Vaccinated Against Coronavirus

Alexander Avdeev met with college students at the regional administraion

On November 9, the Acting Governor Alexander Avdeev met with medical students and their teachers from four specialized colleges of the region at the White House. The medical schools are located in Vladimir, Aleksadrov, Murom, and Kovrov.

Alexander Avdeev thanked the students who participate in volunteer projects and help ambulance doctors. He approved the idea of free public transportation passes for medical volunteers, and also suggested working through the issue of material support.

“You study in ‘combat’ conditions, you see what’s going on, and you understand how important each of you is. Many students combine education with active participation in the volunteer movement, and some with a working practice. The disease situation is very serious, and the state and society need all the help they can get. Only together can we cope with the pandemic and return to normal life. Thank you for your active life position!” – The press service of the White House reports the words of the Acting Governor.

One form of volunteer activities of medical students could be psychological assistance to citizens who have had coronavirus, or for certain reasons panic-stricken by vaccination.

“Skills in providing psychological assistance to those who have had the disease and to people who are panic-stricken by the coronavirus itself, vaccination against it, and covid-related phenomena could help volunteers relieve the burden on staff medics, even take some of the load off the ambulance service,” the press service recounted the students’ own suggestions.

Konstantin Baranov, the head of the Regional Health Department, told the students that FAPs will soon move to a new modern level. Each station will be assigned a car, and young paramedics will receive social support and advice from mentors. The development of a health information system will also make the work of rural specialists modern and comfortable. Together with decent financial remuneration, according to Konstantin Baranov, these factors should help to solve the staffing problem.

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