Governor Vladimir Sipyagin Instructed to Check the Security of Vladimir Schools after the Incident in Kazan

All educational institutions in the region will be strengthened security regime

Governor Vladimir Sipyagin instructed the Department of Education, together with local authorities, as well as law enforcement and supervisory authorities to check all schools for security, including the availability of contracts with the Rosgvardia. Recall, since the end of 2017, specialists of the National Guard troops were working on the passportization of facilities of educational organizations in Russia.

The reason for the unscheduled inspection was the incident that occurred on May 11 in Gymnasium No. 175 in Kazan, where a 19-year-old young man started shooting. The exact number of dead and injured is still being specified. Yulia Rasnyanskaya, candidate for Children’s Rights Ombudsman in the Vladimir region, commented on the tragedy at the request of journalists.

Vladimir Sipyagin stressed that he feels the pain of the parents who lost their children as his own:

“The grief of Kazan residents who lost their dearest thing today – their children – cannot be measured and cannot be conveyed in words. I feel their pain as if it were my own. I am a father of four children. All parents in our country express their deepest sympathy with the families of the deceased and the victims.

We do not know how many non-humans are still walking side by side with us, hiding under the mask of human beings. Russians have not yet recovered from similar events in Kerch in October 2018, and today is a new tragedy”.

Starting from May 11, all schools in the region will be strengthened in terms of security. How exactly this will be expressed is not specified.

In addition, the head of Vladimir Andrei Shokhin sanctioned “unscheduled checks of anti-terrorist security of city educational institutions. The mayor’s office believes that all schools of the city are equipped in accordance with security requirements, but unscheduled activities will not be superfluous.

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