Dentists in the Vladimir region ask to postpone compulsory vaccination against COVID-19

Employees also propose to bring to administrative responsibility officials of the regional health department

The Vladimir Regional Medical and Dental Association prepared an appeal to the region’s Chief Sanitary Doctor Tatiana Danilova, Chief Sanitary Doctor of the Russian Federation Anna Popova and the regional prosecutor Igor Pantyushin. The document says that not all medics have time to be vaccinated against the new coronavirus infection in due time. A copy is available to the editors of “Zebra-TV”.

Recall, according to the decision of Tatiana Danilova of July 15, 2021, in the Vladimir region at least 60% of service sector employees, including health workers must receive the first component of the vaccine by August 15, and the second – by September 15.

Dentists asked the Department of Health to assist in organizing and conducting the centralized vaccination, but received no answer. It is noted that the association consists of 866 medical workers and 43 specialized organizations. Only 89 people have not been vaccinated against COVID-19.

“Members of Vladimir Regional Medical and Dental Association (medical workers and heads of medical organizations) have always treated all restrictive measures against new coronavirus infection (COVID-19) in Vladimir Region with understanding and responsibility, but requirements of resolution No. 4 of 15.07.2021 of Vladimir Region Chief State Sanitary Doctor for objective reasons were impossible to meet”, – the appeal says.

The association asks to postpone the compulsory vaccination of certain categories of citizens specified in the order of the sanitary doctor. In addition, dentists believe that administrative proceedings should be initiated against health department officials for failure to comply with Danilova’s requirements. 

The Vladimir region was indeed experiencing an acute shortage of vaccine against coronavirus, although in the last two weeks regional authorities have informed about deliveries of large batches of the drug. For revaccination, among other things. On August 9, the United Russia faction in the Legislative Assembly asked Chief Sanitary Inspector Tatiana Danilova and Governor Vladimir Sipyagin “to shift the vaccination deadlines for employees in a number of industries.”

“In order to prevent unjustified prosecution of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs and to protect the labor rights of citizens in the Vladimir region, I ask you to consider postponing the mandatory vaccination,” reads the appeal of the United Russia party.

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