African Swine Fever Outbreaks Are Found Again in the Vladimir Region

Regional authorities imposed quarantine

Another quarantine for African swine fever was established in the Vladimir region. The epizootic nidus was the territory of the Kozhinskoe hunting ground within the third quarter of the Kolchuginsky district forestry. The infected object was a house number 4 on Fifth Street in the village of Florishchi. Hunting wild boars for meat or making stuffed animals was prohibited there, as well as hunting for feed and bedding material for pigs.

Within the boundaries of municipalities Florischinskoe, Ilyinskoe, Bavlinskoe, Esiplevskoe (Kolchuginsky district), Andreevskoe (Alexandrovsky district) and Krasnoselskoe (Yuriev Polsky district), regional authorities have banned the sale of pig meat, removal and transfer of animals, as well as holding fairs.

In the hundred-kilometer zone, which includes Alexandrovsky, Kirzhachsky, Petushinsky, Sobinsky, Suzdalsky and Sudogodsky districts, the governor’s decree banned the import of pigs for reproduction and fattening (except for vaccinated animals), as well as walking and slaughter.

Quarantine restrictions due to ASF have also been imposed in the village of Petrokovo in the municipality of Borisoglebskoye, Murom district.

Last week regional authorities held a meeting on prevention of ASF spread in Vladimir region. It was about reducing the wild boar population, since there is a danger of the formation of natural foci of African swine fever in the habitats of this animal.

“Reducing the number of wild boar, to date, is one of the important tools to stabilize the epizootic situation, by “breaking the epizootic chain”. Without creating conditions in which there are no factors of transmission of the pathogen, the eradication of ASF is not possible in a separate administrative territory, as well as in the whole country”, – reported on the website of the hunting inspection.

Hunters also developed a special algorithm of actions to regulate the number of wild boar in case of the threat of the outbreak and spread of African swine fever among wild animals.

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