Navalny Was Deregistered as a Runaway in Prison, but Listed as a Terrorist and Extremist

The oppositionist reported it on social networks

Alexei Navalny, a politician serving a sentence in Pokrov penal colony No. 2, was taken off the preventive treatment register as prone to escape. But put on the profiling record as a terrorist and extremist. It is reported on Instagram of the oppositionist. It is explained that the relevant decisions the commission of the EC unanimously took after the reports of one of the operative officers.

“So the tags, where my face is crossed with a red stripe, I ripped off all my clothes. And sewed on new ones with the green one. And I joined the numerous ranks of Muslims (it was for them that the “extremist” strip was invented. 70% of prison ‘extremists’ are them), nationalists and soccer fans,” says an Instagram account maintained by the opposition leader’s aides on his behalf.

Navalny stressed that the “extremist” and “terrorist” preventive checks are not as tedious as those prone to escape. Now he is not checked every two hours.

Earlier, the Vladimir Regional Court rejected an appeal against the decision of the Petushinsky District Court, which did not support Navalny’s claim to remove him from the professional register as prone to absconding. The convicted politician claimed that frequent inspections violated his right to eight hours of uninterrupted sleep.

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