A Wooden Bridge Was Swept away in Suzdal on the River Kamenka

Authorities opened the dam gate to allow water to pass through as quickly as possible

Spring has prepared an unpleasant surprise for Suzdal. Due to precipitation and the ongoing ice drift, the water in the Kamenka River in Suzdal rose over 1.8 meters. As a result, walkways and bridges were flooded.

There were water in the streets Pokrovskaya and Pushkarskaya, between streets Naberezhnaya and Schmidt, and Mikhailovskaya and Yuzhnaya. The bridge in Pokrovskaya and Pushkarskaya streets is on a metal base, but its upper part could not withstand the ice drift – the wooden planking was swept away by the river.

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The Suzdal Mayor’s Office reported that the bridges will be restored after the floods are over. In the meantime, traffic on the flooded bridges is prohibited. Local authorities ask residents and guests of the city to use detour routes.

Not only the bridges in Suzdal are under water, but also some streets – Pokrovskaya, Naberezhnaya and Stromynka. On Pushkarskaya street flooded driveway to Ivanova Gora street.

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“In this place the duty is organized, the signal milestones marking the roadway of the street are installed, by forces and means of LLC “Water intake facilities” and MBU “Blagoustroystvo” transportation of residents through the flooded section of the road is carried out”, – reported on the website of the mayor’s office.

By order of the city administration on the river Kamenka fully opened the gate of the lower dam in the area of Shevchenko Street. This will allow the floodwaters to pass faster.

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