For Violence and Threats against Defendants, a Detention Center Employee was Sentenced to Three Years in Prison

The verdict was left unchanged

The regional court did not satisfy the appeal of Voskoboynikov, the former senior officer of Vladimir pre-trial detention center-1.

Earlier Leninsky district court found him guilty of abuse of power with the use and threat of violence. He was sentenced to three years in a general regime penal colony and prohibited from holding positions in the Russian Federal Penitentiary Service for 1.5 years.

The verdict states that Voskoboynikov illegally obtained operational information from suspects and defendants. He placed a convict of his choice in the cells of the special prisoners, who used physical and psychological violence against them or threatened to do so. Thus, he forced them to testify in criminal cases about the crimes they had committed, to write confessions, as well as to cooperate with the investigation.

“Thus, in the period from December 2016 to January 2017 at the direction of Voskoboynikov V.V. in the above way convicted K. forced three investigators-arrestees to testify, which led to a significant violation of their rights and legitimate interests, as well as legally protected interests of society and the state,” – reports the press service of the regional court.

The judicial board for criminal cases of the Vladimir Regional Court found no grounds to reduce the term for the accused.

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