Parents of a Disabled Person Demand Compensation for not Providing Their Child with Medication

The mother asks to satisfy her claim for 50 thousand rubles

A resident of Vladimir filed a lawsuit against the regional Department of Health together with the Children’s Municipal Hospital No. 1. She demands to provide her child with vitally important medications and pay compensation for moral damages in the amount of 50 thousand rubles.

The woman pointed out in her claim that her daughter was disabled and included in the federal register of persons entitled to receive state social assistance in the form of provision of essential drugs. However, the family received medicines irregularly, which is a violation of the child’s constitutional rights to health protection and medical care. The case will be considered in Leninsky district court under the chairmanship of judge Elena Stulova on July 6 at 11:00.

Let us remind you that there has been a serious shortage of discounted medicines in the Vladimir region since the beginning of 2021. By mid-April only 58% of medicines had been purchased. It was possible to bring the situation back to normal only by the end of May. It is not yet known who will be held liable for this, but law enforcement authorities are conducting an investigation.

Olga Grebneva, the acting Vice-Governor, commented on the “apocalypse” with the discount drugs at a press conference on June 4:

“As for the medicines: we will have to conduct training [for chief physicians]. I promised the Legislative Assembly that we would teach them how to conduct a bidding campaign. Let’s try to teach them. If they’ve been working this way all their lives, maybe they just don’t know that they have to do it somehow differently. Let’s teach it. With those who can’t be taught, let’s think about what to do. Where his knowledge and skills can be used, because in the case of the Vladimir region, where it is very difficult with the medical staff, it is not quite a sword to wave. This person could be useful elsewhere.

There are legal norms for prescribing medications for each nosology. There is a requirement for medical records. Prescriptions are the same as medical records. The patient took the prescription and received the medication at the expense of the regional budget, and it shows that we spent the funds for a reason. It is a reporting document. And when prescriptions are written for drugs that are not allowed, who is to blame? Head doctors are so used to it”, – Grebneva noted.

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