Only 5% Of Those Who Died of Coronavirus in Vladimir Region Were Diagnosed With Suspected COVID-19 in Their Lifetime

The rest were diagnosed with community-acquired pneumonia or acute respiratory infections.

The Vladimir region administration has released data on official deaths from coronavirus. According to the results of a postmortem PCR test, this cause of death in 2020 was established in 521 cases. This figure apparently does not include all actual deaths from coronavirus and its sequelae. Excess deaths in the region in 2020, compared to the average of the previous five years, were 2,858.

Of the 521 officially recognized deaths, according to the Vladimir region administration, only two were between the ages of 18 and 29, 32 were in the age range of 20 to 39, 118 were between the ages of 50 and 64, and 669 (or 70%) were over the age of 65. These data are contained in the annual report “On the condition of the environment and health of the population of the Vladimir region”.

177 of those who died sought medical assistance during the first two days of illness, 343 later. In 382 cases people were hospitalized in the first two days after seeking medical help, in 130 cases – on the third day or more.

In the first three days 156 people died in hospital, 356 later. In nine cases, patients died outside the hospital (in only one case did the deceased not seek medical help at all). In eight cases, doctors either failed to reach the patient in time, or misjudged the severity of the illness.

In only 30 cases did physicians make a primary diagnosis of “suspected coronavirus” to those patients who died of COVID-19 within days of seeing a physician. In 354 cases, patients were diagnosed with community-acquired pneumonia, 116 with acute respiratory infections, bronchitis, or tracheitis, and 20 with other diagnoses.

A diagnosis of “suspected COVID-19”, as the wording suggests, does not presuppose the presence of positive tests. What made doctors in the coronavirus year avoid such a diagnosis en masse, as well as whether stating an incorrect diagnosis influenced the actual choice of a treatment regimen (or whether coronavirus patients were treated for acute respiratory infections and tracheitis) is an open question.

In June 2021, Rosstat published statistics on causes of death in the Vladimir region in 2020. This statistic lists 884 Vladimir residents who died from coronavirus during this period (this is 41% more than in the Rospotrebnadzor statistics). According to Rosstat, deaths from respiratory diseases almost doubled in 2020. This is the reason why the authorities explain the excess mortality rate in the region.

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