108 Million Rubles are Granted to the Reconstruction of the Vladimir Drama Theater

756 million over three years

On October 12, at the extraordinary session of the Legislative Assembly of Vladimir region deputies made changes to the budget of the region for 2021 and for the planning period 2022 – 2023. Former Governor Vladimir Sipyagin announced such plans before he left for the State Duma. Now the amendments will be approved by Alexander Avdeev, the acting head of the region. It is he who will sign the region’s most important financial document.

This is the fourth upward revision of the budget in 2021. As Vyacheslav Kuzin, the region’s chief financier, noted, the next changes are related to the positive situation in the real economy, where profit tax revenues increased. Gratuitous tranches from Moscow also came. Altogether, the 2021 budget increased by almost 5.5 billion rubles to 81.2 billion. Expenses of the regional treasury will go up accordingly. They will amount to 85.4 billion rubles. The deficit will drop by 434 million rubles to 4.1 billion.

“We are improving the balance and stability of the regional budget which guarantees that all expenditure commitments will be fulfilled without exception. Without the formation of overdue accounts payable, without increasing the state debt of the region, and municipal debt obligations. We consider this debt inseparable”, – said Kuzin.

Region authorities and deputies allocated the received revenues to separate budget items. One third of the total amount of additional funds will be allocated to support municipalities. In 2021, they may receive almost 31 billion rubles, which is 1.3 times more than last year.

An additional 1.6 billion rubles will be channeled to the health care sector. Most of the money will go to fight the coronavirus. Financing of education will increase by 624 million. Particularly, money will be sent to repair three schools in Kameshkovsky, Kovrovsky and Sobinsky districts. Extra money was also found for indexation and increase of salaries to public sector employees.

The regional administration, on behalf of the deputies of the Regional Council, has also planned money for the reconstruction of the Drama Theater – 756 million rubles. This amount is calculated for three years.

“A few days ago we received the official conclusion on the design and estimate documentation. We agreed that we will come back to this issue as soon as the design estimate documentation arrives from the expertise department”, – said Mr. Kuzin.

In 2021, 108 million rubles will be allocated to repair the theater, in 2022 – 285 million, and in 2023 – 363 million.

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