Edinaya Russia Called Sipyagin’s Anti-Coronavirus Restrictions a Mistake

The party believes that the governor's decree should be adjusted

The United Russia (“Edinaya Russia”) faction in the Vladimir Oblast Legislative Assembly issued a statement regarding the latest anti-coronavirus restrictions that came into effect on July 12. It should be reminded that Vladimir citizens in the region can visit almost any public places, except public transport and grocery stores, if they have a certificate of vaccination or a fresh PCR test. Strict measures have been introduced against the backdrop of a worsening epidemiological situation.

Restaurateurs and hoteliers asked the Governor to postpone the restrictions, as they threaten serious losses for entrepreneurs, especially in the height of the summer season, when the Vladimir region is visited by tourists most often. The case went as far as to apply to the Prosecutor General’s Office.

The United Russia Party called the measures “draconian” and the most stringent in the Central Federal District, excluding Moscow. The United Russia party drew attention to the fact that the 33rd region has one of the last places in the number of vaccinated population due to lack of vaccine, which is “shortcomings” of the regional executive authorities. Representatives demand to correct the governor’s decree so that citizens could go to catering establishments simply by using personal protective equipment and observing other precautions.

It should be added that United Russia remained silent about the restrictive measures longer than any other party, without evaluating them.

On 8 July (i.e. the day the restrictions were announced), the regional branch of the Rodina party prepared an open letter to Sipyagin, in which it called the measures “unreasonable, inefficient, and untimely. CPRF members held solitary pickets in the city, demanding that the decree be repealed or significantly amended.

Andrei Marinin, deputy of the local legislature, spoke in favor of the “Fair Russia – for Truth”. He believes that the restrictions are untimely and the wording of the decree is unprofessional.

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