It Takes a Resident of Vladimir 20 Years to Accumulate $13500

According to this indicator, the Vladimir region is in 51st place out of 85

RIA Novosti experts have calculated how long it will take residents of different regions of Russia to save a million rubles. The national average is 17.6 years.

The Vladimir region ranked 51st out of 85 possible. In order to save up one million rubles on a replenishable deposit for the median wage, the residents of our region will need 20.6 years, i.e. longer than the average across the country. At the same time 14.3% of the workers would not be able to save that much money even in 30 years.

Of our geographical neighbors, the residents of Nizhny Novgorod and Ryazan are in better shape; they will have to save the specified amount of money for 20.3 years. But in the Nizhny Novgorod region there is a greater percentage of those who won’t be able to save a million for 30 years (16.1%). In the Ryazan Oblast, the figure is 14.2%.
Yaroslavl region was in 39th place in the ranking (19.8 years), while Moscow region is in 12th place (15 years).

People from Ivanovo will save a million rubles longer than residents of Vladimir (23.6 years, 81st place).

The authors of the rating say that the residents of Chukotka are in the best position by this indicator, they have to collect the money for about eight years. Residents of Kabardino-Balkaria will have the hardest time, they will have to save up for 25 years.

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