Gus-Khrustalny City Deputies Cancelled the Election of the Mayor Without Discussion

The meeting was adjourned seconds after the vote

At a meeting of the City Council of People’s Deputies in Gus-Khrustalny, people’s deputies voted 16 times in favor of abolishing the direct and popular election of the head of the city. Four deputies, who were not given the opportunity to present their position, were against it.

The chairman of the Council announced the vote abruptly after deputy Viktor Shokhrin proposed to give him the opportunity to speak. He had repeatedly opposed the abolition of the elections. The deputy was not allowed to speak and the necessary decision was passed by the majority of votes amidst remarks of “Lawless, stop it”. Then in a few seconds the deputies voted for the end of the session.

Let’s remind, on November, 25th there were public hearings on the question of cancellation of the election of the head of the city. At them, 47 people voted for and 53 people voted against. The citizens’ decision was advisory in nature and the people’s elected representatives used their right to ignore it.

At today’s meeting, the people’s elected representative from the regional Zaskobraniya, a member of the “United Russia” Mikhail Maksyukov made a speech before the deputies of Gusev. He told about the existing opinion that the cancellation of elections is the antinational decision. Personally, however, he supports such a decision, because he has in mind a good man to lead the city:

“More than five years ago, the Legislative Assembly delegated the power to determine the order of election to you – the people’s deputies. In many municipalities, the change in the order of election has already taken place. I understand that changes to the charter were initiated and public hearings were held. In the hearings, the vote was divided roughly equally, but with a preponderance of those who were against changing the system. With this in mind, the responsibility of the Board of Deputies increases.

I would like to say that as a citizen and resident of Gus-Khrustalny, at first I was outraged that I was being deprived of the right to elect the mayor. However, I have looked at other municipalities and I understand that this is just an election system. Who and how the head of the municipality will work once elected is much more important to me.

And I do not think it will be an anti-people decision, as many say. Not only that, I have an opinion on who can do a good job in that position through a commission or by election. And I, if you decide to change the system, will be the first to ask him to submit documents to the commission and to register as a candidate for the position of mayor, “- said a member of the ruling party.

From now on, the deputies of the City Council will choose the head of Gus-Hrustalny themselves. Before that a commission will be formed, which consists of 50% of candidates nominated by the regional governor and the remaining 50% – chosen by the city council.

Candidates for the post of mayor will submit documents to the competition commission, according to the approved list. The competition committee will review the documents and verify them, as well as interview the candidates and bring the candidates to the final stage, where there will be at least two candidates. In the final stage, the City Council will choose the head of the city from among the candidates proposed by the competition committee by open ballot at its meeting.

“The changes will remove the sharp contradictions that sometimes arise between the Council and the administration,” summarized the deputy who presented the draft decision.

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