A Public Transportation Company Stopped Operating in Vladimir. The Next Night Its Buses Burned Down

Once the largest passenger transportation business in Vladimir, the company “ADM” sent to the mayor’s office an official letter with a request to complete the service of the last two routes № 26 and № 28 as soon as possible. According to Alexander Karpilovich, the official representative of the Vladimir administration, the routes will be transferred to new carriers as soon as the mayor’s office will receive a commitment from the latter to serve the lines under the conditions prescribed in the contract.

“The letter from ADM, which we received today, contains a request that they have some technical difficulties with the termination of the contract for the service of two bus routes – № 26 and № 28. As soon as possible.

The contract runs, just in case, until 2023. How “short a time frame” do they want? An hour, a month, a week? By the way, ADM is ignominiously withdrawing from this in every respect responsible market, well, okay.

Given this experience, of course, we were already negotiating about possible replacement of routes 26 and 28 by other transportation companies. With existing companies. This is a general rule. As soon as there is a problematic situation connected with “ADM” and it started happening last autumn we invite first of all working carriers who already have municipal contracts. The logic here is simple – if the companies are already working, it means they already have the necessary set of permits and documents.

According to the City Hall information, only 7 buses out of 16 contracted ones are serving both routes. The situation is somewhat saved by the fact that both routes are duplicated by other buses along the entire route.

“As of today, these routes are supposed to be served by 16 large class routes, eight per route. According to our monitoring, today both routes are served by seven units. Can you imagine the intervals there?

The Department of Transportation and Communications filed a complaint yesterday against ADM for violations. It is conditionally good that both routes are duplicated by other routes.

But negotiations have been held, though, the contracts have not been signed yet. We’re still counting on “ADM” to regroup. If it does not work out, the place is still there. ADM did not specify a timeframe [for leaving the market]. Apparently, [it’s possible] we ourselves will tell the company “enough” as soon as we finally decide on transportation companies that will guarantee the execution of contracts with the specified number of rolling stock,” said Alexander Karpilovich.

Recall, the company “ADM” appeared on the passenger market in 2015 by purchasing a batch of “Volgabas” and winning a significant share of the routes from the then giant of the industry, the company “BigAvtoTrans”. Over the years, many of the company’s gas-powered buses have fallen into complete disrepair. Beginning in the fall of 2020, the company began abandoning its routes.

In its best years, ADM served 20 city routes. Ten of them had the status of social routes with regional and city privileges. The bus fleet of the company consisted of 97 Volgabus 5270 buses running on natural gas, 24 Mercedes O405N buses, and 11 Scania Omnilink CL94UB buses running on diesel fuel. Also in the fleet of the transport company there were five articulated buses of especially large capacity “Mercedes O405G”.

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The next night in Vladimir there was a major fire at the parking lot of the company “ADM” on the site of the trolleybus depot (11 Gastello St.). As a result, five German buses were completely burnt out.

According to the press service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the fire started at 2:30, the area of which amounted to 150 square meters. In the elimination of the fire involved 17 people and seven vehicles, but they could not save the vehicles.

“Unfortunately, the call to the fire department was not made in a timely manner, and at the time of the arrival of fire and rescue units observed open burning of 5 buses,” – told in the department.

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Currently, the inquirers are establishing the cause of the fire. Coincidentally, the incident happened right after the company announced the urgent cancellation of services of all city routes. The mayor’s office told ProVladimir that they are urgently looking for a replacement for the once-largest player in the city’s passenger transportation market.

The ADM company is in a difficult financial situation, in particular, on July 28 Bank “Vostochny” said a claim against the carrier in the amount of 139 million rubles. It is known that the Vladimir Mayor’s Office demanded from ADM to vacate the depot on Gastello Street.

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