Vladimir Ombudsman Told the Governor That Anti-COVID Measures Must Be Executable and Reasonable

Lyudmila Romanova made recommendations to the head of the region

Ludmila Romanova, Commissioner for Human Rights in the Vladimir region, compiled a list of recommendations for the governor on anti-coronavirus measures – “with the aim of protecting human rights”. The list included 14 items.

The ombudsman stated that the region should be provided with enough vaccines of various kinds. According to Romanova, it is necessary to organize wide public awareness about the contraindications to vaccination and the actions of those who have antibodies. In addition, the number of vaccination centers should be increased and private medical organizations and volunteers should be involved in vaccination.

The Commissioner for Human Rights in Region 33 recommended not to allow discriminatory measures against certain categories of citizens – those who have medical exemptions from vaccination and those who have had coronavirus.

Lyudmila Romanova emphasized that the requirements of the authorities during the period of anti-vaccination restrictions must be proportionate, feasible and reasonable:

“Simply put, by requiring a vaccination certificate or PCR test, it is important that there is enough vaccine and that PCR tests are available to most people. This is what is meant by state guarantees.”

The recommendations were drafted taking into account the position of the Commissioner for the Protection of Entrepreneurs’ Rights Alla Matyushkina, Children’s Ombudsman Yulia Rasnyanskaya, members of the Public Chamber and the Expert Council under the Commissioner for Human Rights.

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