Prosecutors Declared Invalid Four Marriages of Regional Residents With Foreigners In the Vladimir Region

Citizens went to registration for money

In the Vladimir region, the prosecutor’s office in Yuryev-Polsky district has obtained a court ruling invalidating four marriages concluded by local residents with foreigners. The press service of the ministry reports that in one of these cases a man officially formalized his relationship with a citizen of the Republic of Moldova in a registry office in the capital.

It is explained that the marriage was concluded fictitiously in order to obtain the woman a temporary residence permit in Russia. The man received 10 thousand rubles for the deal.

The prosecutor’s office identified three more similar cases in which fictitious marriages were concluded with citizens of the Republic of Tajikistan. What remuneration was paid to the pseudo-husbands and pseudo-wives in these cases is not explained.

Judicial acts to invalidate the marriages came into force and were sent to the police in the Vladimir region. Law enforcement officials will have to address the issue of annulling the foreigners’ previously issued temporary residence permits in the Russian Federation.

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