In the Vladimir Region, The Number of Hospitalizations Exceeded the Number of Active Cases of Coronavirus

Official data sources contradict each other

In Vladimir region since June 19 more than 60 cases of coronavirus daily registered, since June 22 – more than 100, and since June 30 – more than 200 cases of coronavirus daily.

Surprisingly, the number of active cases of coronavirus in the Vladimir region, according to Rospotrebnadzor, increased by only 300 people from June 19 to July 14. With a sharp increase in morbidity from 40 to 250 cases per day, the growth in the number of active cases should have reached several thousand (the number of active cases is calculated as the difference between the number of cases and the sum of those who recovered and those who died).

With an average daily sickness rate of 230 people, if patients were sick just for a week, by the end of the week the number of active cases would physically be at least 1,610. In the official statistics, however, there are almost 200 fewer active cases as of July 14, given similar “inputs”.

The number of active cases looks even stranger compared to the number of people hospitalized with coronavirus. As of July 14, according to official Rospotrebnadzor statistics, there were 1,316 active cases of coronavirus in the Vladimir region. At the same time, the number of beds occupied by COVID-19 patients, according to the regional OPP, was 1,490. That is, only the number of hospitalized citizens exceeded the number of "actively ill". Needless to say, such a situation is physically impossible. Note that a similar phenomenon was observed during the second wave of the coronavirus.

Incredible situations with the statistics of active cases are observed in several regions of Russia. For example, in St. Petersburg on July 9, according to official statistics, there were 711 active cases and more than 10,000 occupied coronavirus beds. At different times, oddities were observed in the number of active cases in Buryatia and Mari El.

After journalists drew attention to this phenomenon, the official website "Stopcoronavirus.rf" stopped publishing data on the number of sick citizens. The organization "National Priorities" stated that this was due to a misinterpretation, and the indicator of active cases "is not informative". The organization did not present the "correct interpretation".

In the Vladimir region, the low number of active cases is "achieved" by the strange statistics of convalescence. Patients are expected to recover a week or two after illness. If this is true, then the statistics on recovery should lag behind the statistics on infections by the same amount of time. In reality, however, the two figures are neck and neck with a difference of 1 to 2 days.

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