In Murom, Medical Worker Sues Medical Facility That Suspended Him for Lack of COVID-19 Vaccination

A woman considers the management's actions unlawful

The Murom City Court will soon consider a lawsuit filed by an employee of the “Center for Specialized Phthisiopulmonary Care”. She was suspended from work for refusing to be vaccinated against a new coronavirus infection.

“On October 7, 2021, the defendant issued an order suspending her from work due to her refusal to undergo vaccination against COVID – 19. In accordance with Order No. 125n of the Russian Ministry of Health of March 21, 2021, the vaccination against COVID – 19 is included in the list of preventive vaccinations, which are carried out with the voluntary consent of a citizen,” according to the court website.

The plaintiff believes that forcing her to be vaccinated is unacceptable and that the suspension is illegal in this case. She demands that her bosses reinstate her in her position and recalculate her wages for the period of downtime. We should remind that the day before the head of the Regional Health Department called anti-vaccinationists enemies. Konstantin Baranov urged citizens not to trust such specialists.

We should add that the percentage of citizens vaccinated with the first component of the vaccine against coronavirus among certain categories of workers should be at least 80% by November 15. ProVladimir asked the White House about the situation in different areas. Employees of hotels, restaurants and industrial organizations turned out to be the most responsible.

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