Laser Valley, Recreational Cluster, and Agro-Housing: Growth Points for the Vladimir Region

Summing up the positive results of the year for the region's economy

Vladimir region is one of the most economically developed regions of the Central Federal District. In 2021, if we believe the report of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the growth of the main indicators characterizing the socio-economic development of our region is ensured. Among these indicators: investment, industry, agriculture and tourism. Is it so? Let’s understand with the help of figures from official documents.


The level of investment in the Vladimir region increased by 3.9% over the year. This follows from the report of the investment projects monitoring department of the regional administration. If we talk about the data from 2018 to 2020, compared with the previous reporting period, the volume of attracted investments increased by 36.3 billion rubles and amounted to 257.1 billion. 

According to the results of 2020, our region has risen by four positions in the list of the subjects of the federation on investment in fixed assets and is in 26th place. According to the results of the evaluation of the regulatory and institutional environment, the Vladimir region on the 14th position.

The total cost of investment projects is 22.2 billion rubles, and it is planned to create 9,528 new jobs. Tax deductions for all projects will reach 21.4 billion rubles, including 14 billion rubles to the federal budget and 7.4 billion rubles to the consolidated regional budget. The total cost of the infrastructure is 1.9 billion rubles.

In order to solve the problems in the field of investment activities, in the Vladimir region in 2018 approved the program “Attracting investment to the territory of the Vladimir region in 2019 – 2023.” Since the importance of investments for the development of the region’s economy cannot be overestimated, the ANO “Agency for Economic Development of the Vladimir region” was created to attract them.

The organization has already begun to function, said the Acting Vice-Governor Alexander Remiga, who oversees issues of industry and economic policy:

“At the moment there are 57 investment projects for the total sum of more than 70 billion rubles at the support of ANO “AER”. For example, major projects of such companies as: Wildberries, “Nicol-Pack”, “GK Admiral”. We implement the practice of proactive promotion of investment interests of the region. For this purpose we implement methodological recommendations for organizing and attracting investors, adopted at the Central Federal District Investment Council”.


On January 1, 2021 the law № 58-OZ “On the use of investment tax deduction in the Vladimir region” came into force. At present the state support of investment activity in the form of tax allowances is used by 16 industrial enterprises of the 33rd region. We are talking about the amount of support in the amount of 250 million rubles.

As for investments and subsidies in industry, more than 900 million rubles have been spent on the technoparks in the Sobinsky and Kirzhachsky districts, which have been put into operation. The IKSEL production building in the Kirzhach district has given additional 1.3 thousand jobs.

The planned volume of investments for the production of high-tech products – automated laser measuring complexes – is 15 million rubles. They are intended for the Kameshkovo plant of optoelectronic measuring systems.

Now to attract investors in the Vladimir region it is necessary to have prepared sites, i.e. technology parks and industrial parks. In 2020, a trilateral cooperation agreement was signed between the ITKOL-Serving management company, the region’s administration, and Tochmash JSC. As part of this agreement, a modern industrial technopark was opened in Vladimir.

During the year of work on the territory of the industrial park 47 new tenants have appeared, 14 of them are industrial small and medium-sized businesses. The amount of investment is more than 1.5 billion rubles, will be created 1.2 thousand new jobs. This year at the interregional “Vladimir Investment Congress” an agreement on cooperation between industrial technopark “Itkol-Tochmash” and the machine-building cluster of the Republic of Tatarstan was signed. The purpose of the agreement is to cooperate in the implementation of support and development of entrepreneurship.

“Now the Vladimir region administration together with the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia is working on the issue of creating an innovative scientific and technological center “Laser Valley”. We plan to make it on the basis of “Raduga” polygon. We are also finishing the second stage of modernization of Avtopribor, which means three billion rubles and about 400 new jobs,” said Alexander Remiga.


The state annually allocates about 1.5 billion rubles for the development of the agroindustrial complex (AIC) of the Vladimir region. The money is usually promptly delivered to the agrarians. Several years in a row our region has been in the lead by this indicator.

The regional agroindustrial complex includes about 130 agricultural organizations of different forms of ownership, about 290 acting peasant (farm) households and individual entrepreneurs, and more than 400 food producers.

Small businesses, small and often family-run farms produced 1.5 billion rubles worth of products in 2020 – 21.2% more than a year earlier. The state grant support, which has been in effect since 2012, has doubled the actual number of operating farms in the region-33.

The average amount of the grant to support beginning farmers and “Agrostartap” was more than 2.5 million rubles, for the development of family farms – 7.6 million, while in Russia these amounts are 1.7 million and 6.5 million respectively.

Food industry in Vladimir region takes more than 36% in the structure of manufacturing industries and this share is growing every year. At the moment the region’s inhabitants are provided with 136,5% of milk, 90,6% of potatoes, and 141,7% of eggs.

Confectionery products form the basis of exports of agricultural products of the Vladimir region. The region is in fourth place by this indicator and in 15th place by total export volume.

In 2021 the Vladimir region for the first time took part in the selection for grants “Agrotourism”. The selection will be carried out at the federal level. The 33rd region was allocated 9.8 million rubles. The region submitted an application with three projects for the development of rural tourism: “Gribovo Park” in Petushinsky district, “Agrohouse Petrushino” in Sobinsky district and “Ilyinskaya Valley” in Kolchuginsky district.


During the epidemic restrictions on travel abroad, domestic tourism turns into a priority area of regional economy development. This year Vladimir region has benefited from its touristic potential. Not only the Golden Ring territories have received the development.

According to the results of the contest, 13 municipalities have received support in the form of inter-budgetary transfers. The Commission, among others, noted the district of Murom for the “Travel Diary of the Vladimir region”, Selivanovsky district for the creation of a recreational cluster modern level, the city of Kovrov for the reconstruction of a laser shooting gallery.

In 2021 the region has spent 31,5 million rubles for support of projects of municipal formations. It is seven times more than the year before. The budget has allocated 112,5 million rubles for the millennium of Suzdal.

Rural tourism in Vladimir region refers to the main directions of state support. The law on it was adopted in October 2021. It gives an opportunity to get new grants for development of the respective sphere. The Russian Federation intends to spend for financing 300 million rubles in total. Each winning project will get 10 million rubles. The 33-rd region received four businessmen, who applied for the contest.

All in all 30 objects are listed in the section “rural tourism” on the official tourist portal of the Vladimir region, including a sled dogs kennel in Alexandrovsky district, the national park “Meschera” in the Gus-Khrustalny district, equestrian clubs, places for fishing and hunting, guest houses on farms, as well as the agricultural and tourist complex “Bogdarnya”. One of the most promising tourist directions in Vladimir region is gastronomic tourism.

Vladimir region traditionally attracts tourists from Russia. In 2021 the service Sberindex registered increased interest. From May to September, 20% more unique tourists came to the region than in previous months since the beginning of 2018. Quite positive figures are confirmed also in the Vladimir-Suzdal Museum-Reserve. According to the internal analytics of the VSMZ, from March to August 2021 its objects were visited by 708.2 thousand people.

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